Event: Requirements Engineering Education and Training

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Monday 29 August 2011 – Trento, Italy.


RE’11 Trento, Italy


The 6th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Education and Training (REET’11) held in conjunction with RE’11 will address issues related to RE education, both as part of a formal university degree and as ongoing skills training within the workplace. The workshop is intended to go much deeper than a surface discussion of curriculum issues and will examine specific ideas and techniques for teaching and assessing skills needed by an effective requirements engineer.

The format of REET’11 will be an interactive one focusing on practical ideas and approaches for teaching RE skills and for constructing effective RE curricular. Paper presentations will be used to foster discussion. Demonstrations of specific teaching techniques and materials will be encouraged. The intent is to involve workshop attendees in performing the activities as well as interactive discussions about the topic.

The event is being organized by Joy Beatty (joy.beatty@seilevel.com) and Ljerka Beus-Dukic (l.beus-dukic@wmin.ac.uk). Further details, including dates and submissions, are available on the REET’11 Website.

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