Event: Neil Maiden at the 17th RESG AGM


Wednesday 7th September 2011


6.00pm onwards


Level 4 Common Room, Huxley Building, Imperial College London 180 Queen’s Gate, SW7 2AZ


Neil Maiden will be giving a talk entitled Requirements Research and Practice: Stories Past and Future at the RESG annual group meeting.

Abstract: Stories in different guises are one of the most effective requirements techniques. Use cases are a cornerstone of the UML. Scenarios are effective for discovering, validating and communicating requirements. Stories and storyboards are an important design thinking technique. In this seminar the speaker will deliberately and outrageously overuse the keyword in the seminar title to describe previous uses of scenarios and stories to discover future system requirements, look back and tell stories about the early days of the RESG, and encourage collaborative storytelling as the future of requirements engineering.

Bio: Neil Maiden is Professor of Systems Engineering, Head of the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design and academic lead of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University London. He received a PhD in Computer Science in 1992. He is and has been a principal and co-investigator on numerous EPSRC- and EU-funded research projects including SIMP, CREWS, BANKSEC, SeCSE, APOSDLE, TRACEBACK, S-Cube, MIRROR and CHOReOS, with a total value of £2.5million. His research interests include establishing the requirements for complex socio-technical systems, scenario-based design, service-oriented systems and cloud computing, goal modelling, and technology-enhanced creative design. He also investigates new ways of delivering results from these research areas into practice. Neil has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals, conferences and workshops proceedings. He was Program Chair for the 12th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering in Kyoto in 2004. He is on the Editorial Boards of the IEEE Software and Requirements Engineering Journal and a former member of the Editorial Board for IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering. He is also the Editor of the IEEE Software’s Requirements column. His details are available here.

The event will also feature a shorter presentation from Sanaz Yeganefard from the University of Southampton about her work.

Free food and drinks will be served.

Registration is free. To register, please email Dalal Alrajeh at dalal.alrajeh04@imperial.ac.uk

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