Event: Mike Bartley: Requirements-Driven Verification for Standards Compliance (preceded by Annual General Meeting)


Slides from Mike’s talk available for download here.


Wednesday 28 September 2016, 6pm – 8:30pm


BCS London Office, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


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6:00 Welcome
6:15 Annual General Meeting
6:30 Talk and discussion
7:30 Drink, buffet, and networking

Talk Abstract

Our lives are set to become a lot easier with the development of products based on new technologies such as driver assistance, drones, the internet of things, etc. However, these systems bring with them complex verification challenges and often have safety-related implications which impact the way that verification must be performed.

Requirements-driven verification is based on ensuring that feature-level requirements are adequately verified by tracing such requirements through to verification tasks. It is similar to Coverage-driven Verification from the sense that it is metric-driven but differs significantly because the metrics derive from requirements rather than verification goals. Requirements-driven verification is also required for compliance with the increasing number of standards that control development of hardware for domains such as automotive (ISO26262) and avionics (DO254).

Many teams have to get to grips with these safety standards and understand what complying to them means in terms of changes to their development and testing processes. In this presentation, we will be explaining some of these changes and how they can be implemented. We’ll be covering the impact of safety standards on requirements: how they need to be defined; how they need to be managed; and how they need to be mapped to tests to demonstrate that they have been implemented correctly. If you are new to developing safety-related hardware or software then you’ll gain a useful insight into how to improve your requirements, development and testing processes to produce systems that can be successfully certified as complying with safety standards.

Speaker’s Bio

Mike Bartley has been involved in software testing and hardware verification for over 25 years. He started his career in testing of military software and safety-related aerospace applications using formal mathematical methods before moving into testing of commercial software. Since 1994 Mike has also been involved in the verification of complex hardware products (on Silicon and FPGA) going into sectors such as mobile phones, HDTVs, smart cards, avionics and automotive. In 2008 Mike established TVS (Test and Verification Solutions: www.testandverification.com) to offer specialist services and products in hardware verification and software testing. TVS has now grown to a global company of 150 engineers with products covering verification management and CPU verification.

Mike gained a PhD in Mathematical Logic from Bristol University. He has since obtained an MSc in Software Engineering and an MBA through the Open University.

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