Event: James Archer – Facilitative Leadership: Developing the art of business analysis and requirements engineering (preceded by our Annual General Meeting)


Wednesday 25 September 2013, 6pm – 8:30pm


BCS headquarter, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


Registration is free but compulsory.


  • 6:00 Welcome
  • 6:15 Annual General Meeting
  • 6:30 Talk and discussion
  • 7:30 Drink, buffet, and networking


Business analysis and requirements engineering involves both understanding and responding to a business situation. It is a role whose purpose is to turn strategic goals and visions into reality while adding value. The role begins with understanding challenges and problems, and discovering new opportunities that help the business meet its vision and goals. The business analyst’s role shouldn’t end until the identified benefits and value to the organization have been realized. This is the ideal; the reality can be different.
Meeting the demands of rapid and constant change is not easy. It requires an inclusive leadership style, thinking innovatively, working collaboratively and acting strategically. By applying these approaches the best business analysts increase their credibility and show the strategic value of business analysis to organizations. They help their organizations to learn more about themselves as well as how to use that knowledge to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities.
To operate at this high level, business analysts need to act as leaders within their project and organization. To be effective, they will need strong self-leadership skills to build upon.
In this talk James uses the example of the Integrated Children System in Kensington and Chelsea to practically show how applying a Facilitative Leadership approach can bring success to the trickiest of projects.

Speaker’s Bio

James Archer is co-editor of the new book on Business Analysis and Leadership He practices and teaches the Volere approach to Requirements. A former Business Analyst of the year James is an associate partner of Perspectiv and is completing a Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership at City University.

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