Event: Best of RESG Research 2014

Update: Links to slides from the presentations are now available in the schedule below.

The Best of RESG Research 2014 is a free one day mini-conference where we will celebrate the outstanding research published by RESG group members and close colleagues during 2014.

The programme includes work published in the most important research conferences and journals in our field over the last 12 months. This includes six papers presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering in Hyderabad (India), four papers from the International Requirements Engineering Conference in Karlskrona (Sweden), and one paper published in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology.

We invite all students, researchers, and professionals interested in the latest developments in requirements engineering and related topics to attend the event. It is a unique opportunity to attend state-of-the-art research talks and meet most of the UK requirements engineering research community in a single day without having to travel around the world. We hope this end of year celebration will contribute to growing the requirements engineering research community, to strengthening interactions between requirements research and industry, and to increasing even further the quality of our future research.


Thursday 4 December 2014, 9am – 5:30pm


BCS headquarter, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


Attendance is free but registration is compulsory. Refreshments and light lunch are included.


Note: most papers can be found by searching the title in Google Scholar
9:00 Arrival
9:30 – 10:45 Welcome & Session 1: Privacy and Operationalisation
Distilling Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications
Keerthi Thomas, Arosha K. Bandara, Blaine A. Price, and Bashar Nuseibeh
Open University, UK; University of Limerick, Ireland
Automated Goal Operationalisation Based on Interpolation and SAT Solving
Renzo Degiovanni, Dalal Alrajeh, Nazareno Aguirre, and Sebastian Uchitel
Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina; Imperial College London, UK; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
10:45 – 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 – 12:45 Session 2: Adaptive Systems
Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: Multi-tier Control for Adaptive Systems
Nicolas D’Ippolito, Víctor Braberman, Jeff Kramer, Jeff Magee, Daniel Sykes, and Sebastian Uchitel
Imperial College London, UK; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Engineering Topology Aware Adaptive Security: Preventing Requirements Violations at Runtime
Christos Tsigkanos, Liliana Pasquale, Claudio Menghi, Carlo Ghezzi, and Bashar Nuseibeh
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Lero, Ireland; Open University, UK)
Self-Adaptation through Incremental Generative Model Transformations at Runtime
Bihuan Chen, Xin Peng, Yijun Yu, Bashar Nuseibeh, and Wenyun Zhao
Fudan University, China; Open University, UK; University of Limerick, Ireland
12:45 – 13:30 Lunch (Free sandwiches and drinks will be provided)
13:30 – 15:00 Session 3 Optimisation and conflict resolution
Exact scalable sensitivity analysis for the next release problem
Mark Harman, Jens Krinke, Inmaculada Medina-Bulo, Francisco Palomo-Lozano, Jian Ren, Shin Yoo
Tackling the Requirements Jigsaw Puzzle
Maria Pinto-Albuquerque and Awais Rashid
(Lisbon University Institute, Portugal; Lancaster University, UK)
Uncertainty, Risk, and Information Value in Software Requirements and Architecture
Emmanuel Letier, David Stefan, and Earl T. Barr
University College London, UK
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 – 17:00 Session 4: Elicitation
Supporting Early Decision-Making in the Presence of Uncertainty
Jennifer Horkoff, Rick Salay, Marsha Chechik, and Alessio Di Sandro
(University of Trento, Italy; University of Toronto, Canada)
Protos: Foundations for Engineering Innovative Sociotechnical Systems
Amit Chopra, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Fatma Başak Aydemir, Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos, and Munindar Singh
(Lancaster University, UK; Utrecht University, Netherlands; University of Trento, Italy; North Carolina State University, USA)
Requirements Fixation
Rahul Mohanani, Paul Ralph, and Ben Shreeve
Lancaster University, UK
17:00 – 17:30 Closing (Emmanuel Letier)
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