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Requirements engineering is the elicitation, definition, modelling, analysis, specification and validation of what is needed from a system. It draws on techniques from software engineering, knowledge acquisition, cognitive science and the social sciences. The Requirements Engineering Specialist Group (RESG) welcomes members from, and organises events for, practitioners, academics and students working in the field of requirements engineering. Meetings are held in a variety of locations in the UK, including London, Manchester, York and Edinburgh.

The RESG offers the opportunity for requirements engineering practitioners, researchers, educators and students to exchange experiences and new technologies through workshops, seminars and tutorials on all aspects of requirements engineering. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Requirements engineering case studies and experiences
  • Requirements engineering standards
  • Requirements engineering methods and environments
  • Formal representation schemes and specification languages
  • Descriptions of the requirements engineering process
  • Requirements validation
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Requirements traceability
  • Requirements metrics
  • Requirements reuse
  • Requirements prototyping
  • Animation and execution of requirements
  • Multiple viewpoints on requirements
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Acquisition of requirements through reverse engineering and re-engineering
  • Domain modelling and analysis for requirements engineering
  • Artificial intelligence techniques for requirements engineering
  • Relevance of cognitive science and HCI for requirements engineering
  • Requirements for the human-computer interface of computer systems
  • Communication in grotop and co-operative work in requirements engineering
  • Organisation modelling, including identification of stakeholders
  • Political and cultural issues surrounding requirements engineering
  • Philosophical and social underpinnings for requirements engineering

RESG Executive Committee

Yijun Yu (Open University)

Treasurer & Deputy Chair
Thein Than Tun (Open University)

Nelly Bencomo (Aston University)

Publicity Officers
Luis Garcia (Aston University)

Industry Officers
Alistair Mavin (Rolls-Royce)
Steve Orr (Capiro)

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